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2011 Maiden Voyage Events: The Holy Mantra

The first 2011 Maiden Voyage Event is a glam-fest of promises that are actually NOT-DONES, HALF-DONES, AND BACKLOGS, violating HCO PL 26 January 1972 I.

The event is an endless parade of videos about Ideal Org fundraising events and pointless “stats” about the OT Ambassadors’ contribution to the incomplete Ideal Orgs.

The “inspirational” thing about the indistinguishable reports about the incomplete ideal orgs is the “before” photograph of the org and the computer-generated “after” shots of each org.

But it’s just another piece of Miscavige prestidigitation. The only “done” represented by the picture is the “done” of having paid for some sort of computer-generated imagery.

Since the same “nothing up my sleeves, pull the rabbit out of the hat” stuff happens with EVERY planned-but-not-paid-for Ideal Org, I won’t bore you with all the pictures of that.

What did nauseate me during this rundown was the repeating mantra of “All space plans and designs approved.” It turns out this is a phrase that signifies nothing.

As Ron Ubaghs just reported over on Marty’s site, pasting a label on something and calling it an “Ideal Org” doesn’t make it ideal.

The “space plans and designs” don’t make it an ideal org. The ability to get Scientology done makes it an Ideal Org.

Ron Ubaghs’ experience in Seattle parallels mine at ASHO. After ASHO’s monstrous renovations in the mid-90’s the org was, in many ways, unusable.

I specifically remember that I was taken out of my old auditing room, which was set up with all my materials, and dumped into a shiny new auditing room.

The first big problem was that the pc chair couldn’t be moved, even by three strong men.

This made it impossible to move the chair and position the preclear in space, as required by the Tech film HOW TO SET UP A SESSION AND AN E-METER.

The second big problem was that the tiny bookshelf in the room was only allowed to have the four technical subject volumes 1, 2, 3, 4 on it, along with a Tech dictionary and English dictionary. I tried to bring my basic books into my auditing room and was told to remove them as “they weren’t on the approved plans”. I tried to bring in my grammar and leave it on the shelf, but I was told to remove it as “it wasn’t on the approved plans”. When I brought my own Random House Webster’s Unabridged dictionary into the room, I was told to remove it as “it wasn’t on the approved plans”. Tech dictionaries were in short supply, so I tried to bring my own Tech dictionary into the auditing room and was told to remove it as “it looks used”.

Basically, I wasn’t allowed to set up my auditing room to get any Scientology done.

The next thing that came up is that there was no video viewing equipment in the internship.

Part of doing an internship is to review your own videos and if you think they look OK, fill out an “Electronic Attest” (HCO PL 8 November 1971 RA), attach it to the video, and submit the video to the C/S.

But there was no place in the org to review your own video! And on the SHSBC, the students at the end of Level O and Level P have to do the “Electronic Attest” thing, too. But the SHSBC auditing spaces didn’t have video cameras! And the SHSBC practical space didn’t have a video reviewing station!

And like Ron Ubaghs reported about the Seattle org, the student storage space had disappeared from ASHO during the renovations. We were all told to “bring your stuff into the org every day”. So many people were offended by this suggestion after having perfectly usable student storage facilities that about 30% of the SHSBC cleared out just after the ASHO grand opening. Magically, though, within about a month, cabinets showed up in the hallways that students could use for storage! (Did Miscavige or his design guys learn anything from this 1995 mistake? Apparently not.)

When I brought up these deficiencies with the “space police”, they insisted, like well-oiled robots, that the rooms were all exactly per LRH and the spaces were all exactly per LRH and the contents of the rooms were all exactly per LRH. And it was only slightly camouflaged in their communication that if I changed them, I’d get creamed.

Ron Ubaghs discovered that if Miscavige says the space plans and designs are approved, it doesn’t mean it’s an org in which you can do any Scientology.

It’s the same thing I discovered in ASHO.

So the holy mantra chanted endlessly by Miscavige at the first Maiden Voyage event — the space plans and designs are approved — is just another false report by Miscavige as you’re intentionally left with the false idea that the org will be “Ideal” in a usability sense.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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Centurion  on July 12th, 2011

Excellent remarks…and very keen observations.

I remember my last time on course at ASHO. I felt as if my time there all those years had amounted to little. I felt empty inside, as if I just realized I was now back at a starting point in a big circle, when getting out of a circle was supposed to be the objective.

It was the feeling that something was very, very wrong in all this that sent me out the door for the last time. A very bitter personal disappointment given the time I invested in it all.

Thank goodness for independent Scientology and the free excercise therof. I can now see the door out of the circle.


Fellow Traveller  on July 12th, 2011

Holy mantra? Holy bat-shit!

face palm

The magnitude of the coverup is staggering.

Somehow the reptile in charge, self anointed and self appointed, has done away with how to defeat verbal tech. I kinda have to admire the cleverness of it. He cancelled it without ever cancelling it — superceded it somehow?. I get nauseous when I think about it, however.

Bruce Pratt

Dennis  on July 12th, 2011

The Toronto Org has looked like that for years.

Fundraisers over the years resulted in no change to the exterior and very little inside.

Aside from little change, there has been a constant scramble to gather enough cash to pay utilities, taxes and trying to keep the one of the 2 elevators running. The second elevator sat idle for years and even the 1st one sat broken on many occasions.

The computer generated drawing has existed for over a decade … has anything been done? NO.

… and this is the Continental Org … go figure.

While there are small dedicated group of well-meaning people in Toronto who contribute vast amounts of time & money, the constant must-have on cash just to have the Org revving in neutral is a constant PTP.

Fat Freddy  on July 14th, 2011

The biggest bullsh** shown on the maiden voyage events is the following: Colombian (WOG) ARMY aboard THE OT-SHIP. Last Year and This YEAR !! *loool

Ingrid smith  on July 21st, 2011

i started laughing uncontrollably on the immovable chair-OMG!!!!! These are ideal Orgs for robots

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