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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

Body Thetans

The spiritual beings Hubbard called “body thetans” have been known as spirit guides, personal angels, and demons long before Hubbard invented Scientology.

If you Google “Spirit Guides” you get about 11,000,000 results (0.24 seconds) so it is foolish to pretend that these beings are something “confidential” and not to be discussed.

Spiritual beings are disembodied spirits and they are alive, intelligent and respond to communication like any living being.

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No one has been shown to get sick or die or go mad on reading about body thetans, but churchies and those who still venerate Hubbard feel it is not right to speak about them publicly as these bts are somehow a sacred subject like “He who must not be named” in Harry Potter.

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Al  on August 11th, 2014

You are are soooo rightr on-point! “Holy obnosis, Batman!” I took a walk from the CoS several years ago and ventured out onto my own path from what I sometimes still call a scientological foundation … Yet I didn’t realize until last year or so that the “body thetans” that scientology haters or those who make fun of the concept of body thetans are indeed missing the point that lots of spiritual folks speak of what Ron called “body thetans” as demons or entities to be released … and some {as long ago as in the New Testament} also speak of “generational curses”, etc.

My opinion, as one who did not ascend to the OT levels in the CoS: since “body thetans” are roadblocks — or to be gotten rid of — on “The road to OT,” they likely would equate to demons or entities — with negative/parasitic energy or frequencies — rather than Spirit Guides, which lots and lots of folks speak of, but which are good/helpful/energizing beings 🙂 …

grannydeepsea  on September 29th, 2014

Please remember, we are the little doll inside…like those Russian Matryoshka Dolls. We share space is Earth, Sun, Galaxy and Universe. They are our 4 Big Bodies. They have Spirits. On occasion, they are born into human bodies so they can complete physical tasks in this physical realm.
At night, when our bodies sleep, our own spirits can leave and join the collective consciousness where all the Big Bodies’ spirits are, as well as all the other people on Earth that are currently sleeping. All the dead people are also there.
Talking to them all is very helpful for our daily lives.
This is a wonderful website. Thank you for your hard work!

OldAuditor  on September 29th, 2014

Dear Granny, thank you for your kind words.
There are a lot of legends about spirits created by people who have not spoken to them.
The legends are beautiful but they have as much value as believing in the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus.
We have been using Spiritual Rescue Technology for several years now and this lets us talk to the spiritual beings who surround us and influence our lives.
We are able to help these spirits free themselves from some old incidents that affect them greatly.
In the process, we learn the true history of a lot of events that were never recorded and that gives us the ability to change our futures as we see fit.

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