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David St Lawrence
I was a Grad V auditor, OT VII and I spent 20 years successfully using the technology described by L Ron Hubbard to help others and to help myself.

When the actions of church management made it increasingly difficult to use the technology standardly and help people, I wrote knowledge reports on the outnesses I observed. When these reports were ignored, I withdrew my support from the church and hoped that wiser heads would eventually prevail.

I waited for 15 years and saw no visible progress, so  in 2009, I pitched in to help where I could. I wrote about tech discoveries in the Independent field and I delivered auditing over the Internet. I also provided advice on getting repayments from the church.

There are those who are working to reform the church and I support them in every way possible whether they are inside or outside the incorporated CofS.

I welcome the opportunity to work with others in the recovery of lost technology,  discovering the true history of Ron Hubbard and the Church, and in developing effective ways to promote wider use of workable technology in the field.

My long range interest is the development of an Open Source community of networked professionals to develop workable technologies for making people more able and useful policies appropriate for the expansion of  independent practitioners. We are currently documenting this advanced technology on several websites:


and http://independent-spiritual-technology.com/discussion/index.php?board=47.0


You can reach me in several ways:

Twitter:     http://twitter.com/oldauditor

Skype:        davidstlawrence-oldauditor        IM, Call, Video

email:        [email protected]

David St Lawrence aka Old Auditor


Plain Old Thetan

He was a Class VI C/S, OT V, and spent many years as a Senior Case Supervisor in one of the top training Orgs on the planet.

He had little patience for those who corrupt the technology and make a mockery of all the work that went into setting beings free.

He saw his role as the presenting of truth about the criminality of Corporate Scientology so that people can read it and come to their own conclusions. As a result, he became a gathering point for reports from independents and staff members all over the planet.

He passed away today on July 3rd at 3:13 in the afternoon.

We shall miss him.




Kathy Elliott

Kathy ElliotKathy had always wanted to be an auditor until she experienced the dream killer called GAT.
She is now able to realize this ambition with the advent of SRT.
She has retained her sense of humor even after years of exposure to the Church of Miscavige and she will be giving us her unique perspective on life during and after Scientology.

You can contact her at:

email:    [email protected]


Gwyneth Rolph

Gwyneth Image

I have always been interested in learning, education and personal development, so when I got into Scientology in 1993 and was introduced to the study tech I knew fairly early on that I wanted to be a supervisor so that I could help people learn.

I became increasingly disappointed that the biggest challenge was not in how to help students overcome their barriers to study or in how to train auditors, but how to deal with execs who had robotic and suppressive ideas about how it should be done.

I trained at various times as a Supervisor, Word Clearer, Purif I/C and Dianetics auditor over the course of my two stints on staff. I held a number of executive as well as technical posts, and studied OEC Volumes 0 and 4.

I finally left staff, and the Church, in 2006.

My wish is to complete the Academy levels and restore the delivery of tech in my part of the world.

Kind regards,


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Kirsi  on February 19th, 2010

hi Old Auditor,

Passing through your site to say hi. I have seen your many postings at Martys where I hang out a lot and like what you say. What best describes me is the word independent. I am also like a cat, very curious and nosey, want to know who could be behind a name of Old Auditor…guess it is not my business. Good luck and see you sometime.

Centurion  on March 17th, 2010

Hi David,

As my first auditor I can only feel gratitude for you giving my first steps on the Bridge.

I wish I could identify myself but for now I have good friends in the COS and they would be forced to disconnect from me just for my posting here. So, for now I stay veiled yet independent.

My experiences after I left the Mission were good at times, but soon deteriorated into one of poor health and complete confusion. I looked around and found myself in deep debt, poor spirits and wondering what I had done and why. It seemed that most every Scientologist I knew was frantic, struggling, short tempered, unfeeling, confused and not sure about a good deal of things. Most wogs in my general vacinity were doing much better in terms of surviving.

I remember one day having for the firt time in my life, a panic attack. I could not breath for about 30 seconds, and thought I was having a heart attack at the age of 34. The orgs general attitude was “no sympathy”. I rememeber walking into the org with tears in my eyes just begging for some help. Nobody even bothered to offer me a locational or even a glass of water. Instead, I was declared Type A, and sent home.

I think at that point I was truly done. My hopes for any good from all my time and effort were dashed and I had once again felt the all too familiar sting of betrayal. I admit I was one confused and lost person before Scn. However, now I had become hopeless and disillusioned to even greater degrees.

I don’t know what to make of the Tech anymore. I have had some great wins at times, but not enough in a consistant direction to send me into a new realm if existance. The crushing debts and lack of direction took all pleasure out of life. Body conditions were not handled and life was hard and unrewarding.

I hope to get a product in the independent field. However, for now, I am not going to move on it until I am debt free, stable in my new career and ready to trust a Scientology practicioner once again.

I let reges and FSM’s do my planning, and they lead me to a dead end. That ends forever. From now on, I call the shots, and win or lose, I at least will have the satisfaction of having built some level of self determinism for myself.

I remember your kind and helpful demeanor while at the Mission. You always smiled and encouraged. I always looked forward to going to the Mission after work. I appreciated Debbie E, Jack M, John J, Mary D, and Kathy P, who was declared last I heard. They were a lot of fun at times. I was a hard case, and at times I know you had my perps to contend with. The auditing was pretty good. I had worse at the upper orgs, including some severe code breaks from auditors that were truly evil and trying to spin their PCs. One actually old me to “shut up” in session.

The last time I was at ASHO, I had a progress program that was okay, until I went to final exam. The auditor stared at the meter for what seemed an eternity. I was starting to ARC break. And for the first time, I red tagged. I never looked back, and from then on I lost all faith in technical application of Scientology within the current church.

I hope you are well, and in the not so distant future I would love to talk again and share further experiences. When the time is right, I will contact you and propose just that.

Much affinity,,


J. Swift  on April 19th, 2010

Hello Old Auditor. Glad to see your website! I noted that OCMB — xenu.net — is not linked. Were we overlooked or are we too darned out there?

OldAuditor  on April 20th, 2010

That was an omission on my part. I had linked to Mark Bunker’s site, but had overlooked OCMB. That link has now been added. Your site has information that is not available elsewhere. This data may seem overwhelming to those who have led a sheltered existence, but there are no secrets worth protecting at the cost of human lives.

I welcome comments from OCMB people on both of my websites. Our purposes may be different at the moment, but I feel you have experience that should be incorporated into any attempt to use the tech in a positive way. As I see it, the tech is like fire or nuclear power. It can be used for good or bad purposes. The answer is not to destroy it or ban its use, but to harness it for our benefit.

Se my blog post for a more detailed discussion of this.

Tatiana Baklanova  on May 1st, 2010

Dear David!
I invite you to post your current success stories on the http://community.freezone-tech.info/success/ website. A Purpose of the website is to show that:
* Tech is available in Present Time,
* Practitioners are active in PT,
* Practitioners are successful and reachable in PT

Success Story posted should link to auditor’s website or e-mail.
Please, write me if you are interested. It will help us all to KSW.

aum  on May 19th, 2010

Hi Mr.Lawrance, I think I recognize you. Correct me if I am wrong but I think you used to run the South Bay Mission in Redondo Beach California. Is that you?
I walked into that mission 20 years ago and I did the Purif. You were OT VIII at the time. I was recruited into the SO right there while on the Purif.
I salute you effort on this blog!

Axiom 38  on May 26th, 2010

Keep up all your great work on disseminating true scientology and exposing the DM BS which has dashed many a Scientologists dream of discovering their ntrue potential.

Your friend as yet unannounced!

ethercat  on September 11th, 2010

Thank you very much for the link to “Reaching for the Tipping Point”!

roy4021  on March 10th, 2011

Hello David,

I thoroughly enjoyed your website and all the comments left by those who did. I am also an old auditor from the Northwest, been around Scientology for 40 years now. Great to see you and others using LRH Standard Tech. I wish you the very best in your practice.

elizabeth hamre  on May 9th, 2011

Hi David I have been Of course reading your posts. Thank you. You have information which I lack in my Universe. Which is good, balances the outlook, reality level. I wonder if you would allow my new blog to be connected to yours. Silvia was here and visited me she created the Blog under my name. The Blog contains the wins, stories, my wanderings in the Universe. But in reality the blog is the tribute that the LRH’s Tech. and shows it works. Please let me know


Frobisher  on June 21st, 2012

Hey guys! Awesome site! Been trying to find a good independent auditor cause I know auditing works and whatever the psychologists call “talk therapy” these days is worse than a joke.

Hit me back on my e-mail if you’re in the know… I even went to the mission to check it out and MAN… heavy vibrations of control and suppression just ooze out of the place. Oh well! Where’s the Independent Dianetics Clinic of Tucson so I can get my case handled, eh?!

Safe  on October 16th, 2012

Hi David,

This is Wayne (AKA, Safe), and I wanted to get permission from you to post some of your articles on my website.

Of course, I will give you appropriate credit as the writer, and a link back to your source page.

I would very much appreciate it, as I find you have some great things to say which need to be more widely heard. I think I can help.


DeElizabethan  on April 12th, 2013

Hi David,
It would be nice to include Mike Rinder’s blog on your site as it is good too! Thank you from a former Scientologist who has interest in what’s happening.

OldAuditor  on April 12th, 2013

We have links to Geir Isene, along with Mike Rinder and Tony Ortega. If you can think of any other sites we should link to , please let us know.

Video: Me on Scientology | Geir Isene - explorer of free will  on September 18th, 2013

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