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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

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If You Are Still Smarting From Your Scientology Mishandlings, You Need SRT Counseling

You may have tried to get repair auditing from Independent Scientology Field auditors, but unfortunately no amount of ARCX handling and Questionable Auditing Repair Lists are likely to touch the upset and anger that still rises to the fore when someone mentions Six Month Checks, or auditors who do not speak English, or bright young […]

Jon Atack: Scientology’s early history is something most members don’t actually know

This recent article from Tony Ortega includes material from Jon Atack which casts more light on the early days of Scientology. It complements the articles you will find in the right sidebar of this blog titled, Church history you may not wish to confront.  You cannot consider yourself free of the influence of the Church […]

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