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Scientology Posse fails to recover escaped executive

Some Confront Required 🙁 The  latest Scientology saga continues to unfold in Corpus Christi. (updated 4/30/10) Sixteen Scientologists tried to set up a roadblock near Marty’s home to prevent Marty Rathbun from rescuing thirty-three year Sea Org veteran John Brousseau from the clutches of  a four person recovery team at the Port Aransas Best Western! […]

Escapee from the Cult of Scientology heads for Corpus Christi

Easily Confrontable 🙂 April 29, 2010 · Latest news of cult craziness! Earlier this week, a refugee from the Church of Scientology’s fled the cult’s secret base in Hemet, CA, and headed to a safe haven in Corpus Christi at the home of Independent Scientologist and whistleblower Marty Rathbun. A team of twenty cult members […]

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