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Attempted Suppression of Freedom of the Press – article by Marty Rathbun

The Church of Scientology is attempting to retaliate for the exposure of their recent misbehavior by Marty Rathbun. His articles on Tom Cruise’s unusual gifts from the CoS and Michael Fairman’s recent departure from the church evidently struck a nerve and the diminutive dictator of the Church of Miscavige sent his minions out to wreak […]

Miscavige’s Int Event Staging: Not A Coincidence

Plain Old Thetan has spotted a resemblance to times past that those of us who were born in the Thirties have been carefully not mentioning. He is right again, as usual. ~~ David St Lawrence Miscavige’s Int Event Staging: Not A Coincidence – by Plain Old Thetan Not everything that bothers me about Miscavige’s malfeasance  […]

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