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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

Archive for March, 2011

Ingrid Smith announces her disconnection from the Church of Scientology

Ingrid has created an Oasis for Personal Freedom website which will inspire you and will revitalize the dreams you lost in the Church of Miscavige. She has recently announced her departure from the COS and she writes essays that go straight to your heart. You need to add her site to your list of bookmarks.  […]

It took a lot of courage to leave the cult of Miscavige – are you ready for the next step?

If you are like many Scientologists, you became a Scientologist to achieve a lifelong dream. Once you realized your dreams had become a nightmare of invalidation and crush regging, you withdrew your support and then eventually made the decision to become an independent Scientologist or to become a non-scientologist. Whatever route you have chosen, I […]

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