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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

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Is the $cientology Wall of Secrecy beginning to break down?

In late-breaking news from Riverside California, Ex-OSA agent Paulien Lombard tells the Riverside County Board of Supervisors how the Church of Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs (OSA) assigned her to harass a critic and how she came to realize what the church was hiding. The video was shot at a meeting of the Riverside Board […]

China shows us what an Ideal Org for 16,000,000 people looks like

China has its own version of the Miscavige Ideal Org project. They are building enormous empty cities and malls which are populated only by cleaning women and maintenance workers. The Chinese leadership has evidently decided that the apparency of growth is more important than real economic growth. Watch this video and marvel at how much […]

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