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Suspicion & Distrust. Life in a Scientology Org

This recent posting by scnafrica captures the rampant insanity existing in Scientology Organizations at this point in time. It was evident when I was last involved in 1995, and I have seen signs that it is getting progressively worse as time goes on. People outside the church may find it hard to believe how destructive […]

Onrushing 2014 heralds the return of Declared SPs to the fold? Not!

I’ve already written about the racket of the IAS and how to evade their dodginess here and here and here and here. But they’re still at it. We all know that 2014 is approaching fast. That means that the “church” of Scientology Inc is obligated to leverage its 501(c)(3) tax status to get your “donations” […]

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