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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

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The real cost of Scientology

Mike Rinder posted this week about the donation scheme being offered by the “church” of Scientology Inc in order to create an erection called The LRH Hall and Museum. It got me thinking. Scientologists are already tapped to the max in the donation department. And Steve Mango’s testimony film accurately relates how Sea Org members are […]

Petition started to revoke 501(c)(e) status for Scientology Inc?

If you go to this link, which is on the White House’s website, you’ll find that two days ago, someone tried yet again to get the Obama administration to take action against the “church” of Scientology Inc. This time it’s to revoke Scientology Inc’s tax-exempt status. But the filed petition page says that the “church’s” status […]

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