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How the “church” got 11,000 orgs, groups and missions…

Looking at the 2014 New Year’s Event you will be shocked to know that the “church” of Scientology Inc now claims it has 11,000 orgs, missions and groups to its credit. Of course, no one knows where those 11,000 orgs, missions and groups are. The “church’s” OMG stat has risen steadily…based on the reports given […]

Rain in L.A. causing real “Grand Opening” washout

We’ve already predicted problems with the so-called Pacifica Bridge celebration originally scheduled to start tomorrow (Friday). But, as usual, Miscavige’s mistakes intrude into Miscavige’s unreality. Today, Tony Ortega has reports that the timing of the Pacifica re-re-rededication and re-re-reopening events have been rescheduled…again. I stole this from his site: More Scientology panic over a Pacific […]

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