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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

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How the “church” keeps parishioners and critics in line

Vimeo is hosting undated video of an in-studio interview with some private investigators done by Howard Stern. The half-hour interview has about 4 minutes of talk about the investigators’ involvement with the “church” of Scientology Inc seven to ten years ago. The segment starts at offset 22:12 and runs to offset 25:46. (The predictably salacious […]

Vance Woodward’s lawsuit gets some more traction in the press; some Scientology Inc tax documents reveal the state of the “church”

Yesterday’s post over on RadarOnline gives more insight into Vance Woodward’s lawsuit against the “church” of Scientology Inc for its refusal to follow its own policies and refund/repay monies amounting to over $200,000. The article also states he wants refunds for “ineffective” services, such as delivered TRs courses and auditing. Those refunds would bring the […]

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