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Mission Statement

This website represents our efforts to contribute to the reformation dismantling of the Church of Scientology and to replacing the technology assembled by Ron Hubbard and others. We were once long term members of the Church of Scientology and we were auditors using that technology for the greatest good of those we attempted to help.

We watched in dismay as the church morphed into the most criminal cult of our times. At first we tried to reform it, but the rot spread from the very top which is why the organization is beyond saving at this point.

We have been assembling reports from people all over the world on all aspects of church history, the real sources of the technology, the true history of Ron Hubbard’s life and his personal application of the technology. We have been publishing them for more than 5 years as possibly helpful advice for those who have left the cult or are considering it.

The only reason that Scientology has survived the many scandals and abuses perpetrated on staff and public is that the technology actually produced a few miracles in the early years and does so even now although rarely. It may be odd to think that there could be nuggets of real spiritual magic in with the perverse and criminal activity that fills the church now, but you can look at many established religions which are noted for their venality and see that, once in a great while, miracles of faith healing and spiritual transformation occurred.

My goal was to identify any workable technology in the vast array of Scientology processes and create a stable future for the further development of workable technology and a network for the delivery of that technology.

At the current time, it appears that an Open Source model offers the best chance of achieving that goal as it can utilize the expertise of thousands of highly trained auditors and executives who are outside the church and have had no opportunity to correct the wrongs they have observed in the past.

Open Source spiritual technology, not Scientology, has the potential to be far more responsive to the needs of the public and to correct mistakes when they occur. It remains to be seen how quickly this model will be adopted and what changes will result although headway is being made by those who practice Spiritual Rescue Technology.


For 20 years, my main purpose in life was to deliver Scientology auditing and set individuals free from the spiritual traps they had gotten into.

It was the most rewarding occupation I had ever encountered.  The wins my preclears and PreOTs enjoyed enriched my life and strengthened my purpose to bring spiritual freedom to all who would have it.

When political machinations in the upper levels of the Church of Scientology began to make stats more important than real products, I fought back with knowledge reports until it became apparent that upper management was not only in on the game but was driving insanity down into the lower organizations and missions.

I applied the Doubt Condition and withdrew from active involvement in the church for many years. I was actually hoping that the senior executives that I knew and respected would wear their hats and correct the off policy actions that were taking the church down.

Such was not to be the case. One man was able to circumvent the safeguards established by LRH policy and establish himself as tyrant in charge (COB). The executives who should have acted to prevent this organizational degradation have been locked away in a shed near Gilman Hot Springs, CA, for the last 10 years. They are not likely to get out on their own.

I was on the sidelines too long, waiting for someone or something that would provide an opening to reforming the delivery of Scientology technology. Then, the emergence of the Internet with blogs and Twitter gives us tools to communicate effortlessly to anyone anywhere. This gave us an opportunity to change the Scientology world for the better or overturn it completely.

Some independent Scientologists are working actively to bring COB to justice and to free those who are under his influence before further damage occurs. I believe they need to be helped.

Others are delivering a better technology like SRT in the field so that those seeking spiritual freedom can continue to achieve it in a sane and coercion-free environment. I know they deserve my support and I promote groups as I receive information about them.

I have also created links on the right sidebar to sites that are inspirational and to other sites that have uncomfortable information every ex-Scientologist should know. Be aware that the latter information contains originations from individuals who are still stuck in painful incidents. This information is  part of the true history of the church and its founder and should be known by all independents.

If there are things you would like to see on this blog,  you are always welcome to send me an email at [email protected]

If you find things of value on this blog, you can help to spread the word by linking to it on Twitter.

Thanks for your participation.

David St Lawrence aka: OldAuditor


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Penny Krieger  on February 18th, 2011

Dear David,

I just wanted to tell you, your site has been a great source of accurate information. I have found a number of your write ups calming and helpful. I have visited it numerous times and continue to find jewels of wisdom and your excellent use of gradients.
Thank you!

FCDC Class of 74  on April 15th, 2012

After a lot of auditing in the 19th street and 2125 S street NW org buildings Washington DC with little progress I was told I was PTS to my wife. Happily married for 34 years I was being recruited for a staff FBO position it was a line in the sand. My wife is tough! We both took courses and auditing at a time when both Ron and Mary Sue wandered the halls and it was a productive time for the church, very high tone. Well it taint so no more. I will always believe in the philosophy and Ron’s brand of sanity. DumbMass has killed what was good and pure of an essential form needed by this planet and he needs to be punished. Thank goodness for beings such as yourselves and other beings like Mike Rinder, Marty Rathbun and organisations like Friends of LRH.

chuckbeatty77  on June 17th, 2012

One wrinkle awaiting the better intentioned freezone and independent Scientologists, is L. Ron Hubbard’s whole administrative legacy that props up David Miscavige today.

The whole organized church of Scientology multi-echelon operation was created by Hubbard, and his orders to keep it going are behind the scenes keeping it going as we speak.

Those Hubbard orders and policies that keep the official staff in the Sea Org doing their jobs, will outlive us all.

Hubbard created a self-sustaining multi-echelon bureaucracy for keeping the official church going.

And those church administrative policies don’t have a kill switch in them.

The admin legacy of Hubbard’s is mostly studied by staffs as they do their Full Hats and their staff admin training.

The admin legacy of Hubbard’s is in my opinion one of the biggest omitted factors in determining the future of the official Scientology movement.

The detailed private despatch traffic regarding modern computer useage, for instance, is what is behind the scenes keeping the INCOMM branch of Scientology going forward on its path.

The private despatch traffic regarding the storage of Hubbard’s writings and lectures into imperishable form, are what’s keeping the secret underground archives sites doing what they do.

The audio and film activities of Golden Era Productions, are all based on Hubbard’s private writings to the personnel he wished to engage in the permanent longterm dissemination efforts that they are doing as we speak.

The earlier writings regarding the various networks (Flag Banking Officer, LRH Communicator, Flag Representative, Guardian’s Office (Office of Special Affairs)), all guide those “networks” which internally play important roles guiding and directing the Scientology churches to “do what Ron” says in their various tailor made policies for their zones, all written in great detail by L. Ron Hubbard in years past.

The accumulated administrative writings of Hubbard, separating the staffs’ duties into their myriad interconnecting “networks” to keep the churches administratively “on the road” of doing the churches’ overall goals, is wholly underestimated and not taken into account.

The built in strength of the church bureaucracies is what Hubbard built that is keeping the official churches there.

No argument on your Mission statement.

I see the overall scene like you said, where a bad apple leader circumvented the policy wishes of Hubbard and has way overstepped the authority Hubbard gave to Author Services Inc, to oversee the church and ensure the church didn’t mess things up. RTC has a role too.

Management strategic decision making that mainly was supposed to be Exec Strata’s role, since the Evaluator’s Corps was placed in Exec Strata, and the main church strategies were to be produced by Exec Strata, the bottom line top level bureaucratic unit the most in need of fixing, to then fix all the problems David Miscavige has single-handedly caused, is the Exec Strata.

Watchdog Committee’s job included manning up Exec Strata with competent members.

Watchdog Committee used to push to get the top Exec Strata positions filled.

I’d love to hear fresh on the ground information about the WDC and Exec Strata’s progress.

Thanks for sharing your views and this blog.

Chuck Beatty
ex Sea Org (1975-2003)

Pancho  on August 15th, 2012

Hello David,

I took you up on your invitation to tour your site and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. I aspire to create one as helpful as this on a dissemination line.

Thanks very much for your work. This blog is the first one on my “bar.”

Mark Shreffler

[email protected]  on June 6th, 2013

Sono curioso del libro idenics .
Esiste una traduzione in italiano ?
Nella libreria si può avere anche in Inglese ?

(I am curious about the book idenics . There is a translation in Italian ? In the library you can also have in English ? Thanks,Nic .)

OldAuditor  on June 6th, 2013

Hi Nic, I do not think there is an Italian translation of the Idenics materials.
You can find out about the book at this link: http://www.idenics.com/book.html

B.Webb  on August 28th, 2013

Scientology’s been a cult for, at least, the last 50 years.

Are you saying that it was not a cult in the 1970s?


OldAuditor  on August 28th, 2013

Hello, B Webb. Thanks for your question.

Scientology became a full fledged cult with the publication of KSW in 1965. The paramilitary enforcement group, the Sea Org, was the icing on the cake.

However, there were still areas of the Scientology network that were fairly sane (missions and some outer orgs) until the late 1970’s.

The cult rot took some time to propagate through the network because many of the old timers resisted the insanity and kept things fairly standard. The Mission Holders conference in 1982 broke the spirit that had kept Scientology working up until that point. After that, it was cult think all the way.

We do not try to make a big point of it because there are many Scientologists and ex-Scientologists who still do not acknowledge they were in a cult. Some of the biggest names in the “independent field” have never used that word on their blogs.

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